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Breathe green with the trees

Everything is grey. Weather that isn’t quite weather. Just a never-ending cloud, starting as that thin fog at foot level, rising and rising into the dullness until it meets higher, greyer clouds above. The greyness mutes the colour of everything around, vibrant greens stilled into flatness, the bare trunks of trees fading browns into the… Read More Breathe green with the trees

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Winter, I greet thee

Winter, I greet thee; Voice of the North carried in howling winds. The crackle of ice freezes white bones, and lays my eyes down to darkest black. Winter, I greet thee; Air thin as rainbow glass, light glinting as water trapped in snow so fine. Spirit of the North travels in the rip of branches,… Read More Winter, I greet thee

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  As autumn hits us in full flow, I find now is the time of year I like to sit back and take stock of all the things flying around my mind. Sometimes, as the seasons wind onward, the colder air turns our thoughts to the end of the calendar year, and of course, the… Read More Importance

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Call. I awake excited, impatient, not knowing a reason. A thin breeze trickles in through the window, left ajar through the night. It carries with it the crork of crows, the titter of sparrows, the scent of a January unseasonably warm. I lie and inhale and then I know my feeling. Outdoors is calling me… Read More Call

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The simplicity of snow.

The simplicity of snow Head tilted to one side, resting on warm hands. A favourite mug with steam rising, condensing. Pupils wide, eyes soft, unfocused, transfixed by the countless millions of flakes, falling, drifting lazily from leaden skies. I focus on one, watching white, fluff, cold, buffeted by invisible currents in the air. It slides… Read More The simplicity of snow.

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I step into the freezing bubble of the porch. Stained glass bright, dry, clear light. Cold keys in old locks.  Feet, wrapped tight in boots,step onto the stone steps and I take my first breaths. It feels like my first breath in a month. Ice chill snakes through my lungs, freezing, invigorating. The skies are… Read More Clear


The battle with heating

  We live in an old house. As with many old, stone, Northern houses, ours has it’s very own special climate. In the summer, the thick, stone walls are ‘brilliant’ at cooling the house, resulting in a nice fridge-like sanctuary, away from the beating heat outside. The stone floors provide a refreshing contrast on bare… Read More The battle with heating


On getting warm

  “Shit” I whisper through chattering teeth. “Shititscold”. I’ve taken an afternoon nap and reckoned on the heating having come on when I awoke. Which it hasn’t. This leaves me currently hopping from one foot to the other, pulling my socks off the radiator (which is still cold), in a tangle of limbs and hair… Read More On getting warm