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It’s near midnight in this strange place. A new country, preceded by stress and illness, frustration and decisions. Set off on the wrong foot, I haven’t found my place here yet – mind still playing the same old tricks, unsettled, on edge. 3 days in and I’m beginning to calm a little. The tongue so… Read More Barriers

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The 1960’s radio in the room plays softly, songs from our youth, nostalgic, coating us with that rosy haze of times not so long ago but that feel like another world. The soft lilt of voices murmur across the evening, red wine days, cards played. Lulling in the afterglow of a deep corner bath, I… Read More Settle

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And all of a sudden, darkness falls. The pitch black creeps over the fields like a blanket, smoothing, silently covering dewdrops in an inky shroud. The darkness is absolute. It cocoons me and I breathe the comfort of it deep into my lungs. It wraps around us all, a velvety void, bringing silence, stillness, calm.… Read More Blanket