Whole. There are so many apps to spread ourselves over. Apps to track and record, to log and motivate. Apps to predict, organise and plan. An app to compare ourselves to others who are also comparing themselves to us. We uncomplainingly deliver little bits of ourselves to app companies, compartmentalising every aspect of our personalities,… Read More Whole


Humanimals: walking with tech addiction

I half-wrote this post a couple of months ago. Since then, I’ve kind of reached that place where I’m managing to give ‘quitting social media’ a properly good run, and it’s sort of switched something in my brain. It’s weird to read these words back and feel the emotions that were so explosive, all stemming… Read More Humanimals: walking with tech addiction

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Simple things

Wrapping my hands around my mug of hot tea, I looked through the steam to the window beyond. Time stands still in the shed; a place to contemplate, observe. A chair, and a blanket, and a tiny spider spinning webs in the corner. It’s cold today. I make dragon-breath with my exhalations, pulling my hood… Read More Simple things



Unplugged We spent the day turning our smartphones on and off, date, WiFi, 3G, 4G. We drove and got excited when the road offered us a spot of data, a small area where our phones would finally connect to the outside world. Our hearts leapt at the chance to stare at that small screen again,… Read More Unplugged

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Social minimalism-how to stay classy on social media

How often does your use of social media add value to your life? How often have you clicked on a post or link that really makes you think? Social media is a powerful, instant and effective way to share ideas, information and knowledge. But sadly, this is getting lost in a banausic wave of like-fishing… Read More Social minimalism-how to stay classy on social media

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Quitting technology-the effects of social media

Quitting Techology This week I took a break from social media, stopped watching TV, and only checked my email once a day. I turned my phone off and only turned it on 1st in the morning and last thing at night. It was brilliant. After the obligatory facebook cravings for inane status updates had subsided,… Read More Quitting technology-the effects of social media