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The importance of being honest

The importance of being honest¬† What attracted me first to this idea of simplicity, of living with what is necessary but nothing more? Why do I write this blog, or pare down my belongings? What was the honest, true reason for starting this journey? Back when I was working in management, I’d begun to become… Read More The importance of being honest

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How Buying Nothing Changes Your Life

How buying nothing changes your life How do we make ourselves feel better? I’m guessing the majority of answers today would focus on some kind of treat- a new pair of shoes, a haircut, a new book, a shopping trip. I was exactly the same-until I decided to buy nothing for a year. I was… Read More How Buying Nothing Changes Your Life

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Reclaiming need

We need to earn money. We need to use that money to buy things. What things? Clothes, food, cars, houses, tricks and trinkets, experiences and memories. But looking around, I can’t see much evidence to back that up. I can’t see why we need to be working long, stressful hours. I am blind to the… Read More Reclaiming need

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Buying for the sake of buying

  I can’t stop spending. By cutting down on buying things I don’t need, I thought I’d have so much spare cash I wouldn’t know what to do with it.¬† I’m not spending on many ‘things’…so why don’t I have any spare money at all? In fact, I’m worse off than at any time previously.… Read More Buying for the sake of buying