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Wrapping my hands around my mug of hot tea, I looked through the steam to the window beyond. Time stands still in the shed; a place to contemplate, observe. A chair, and a blanket, and a tiny spider spinning webs in the corner. It’s cold today. I make dragon-breath with my exhalations, pulling my hood… Read More Simple things

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It’s misty. Not the cold, damp tendrils we’re used to, but a warm, comforting, enveloping mist, a blanket of grey whose edges reach out and caress the earth, leaving a touch of moisture, a faint glitter on leaves and stone. The air smells earthy and thick. We’re waiting, me and the birds and the insects.… Read More Mist

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The four wooden panes in the sash window are covered in the clear diamond beads of rainfall, rivulets running down, fed by the grey water falling heavily outside. That familiar comforting sound, fat droplets battering the house, steadily drumming, nature’s heartbeat. Fields of golden brown stretch down to the bay, the water gleaming slate, hammered… Read More Cleanse