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Necessary So we get comfortable with simplicity. We read and listen and learn that minimalism isn’t about giving up everything, about giving away joy. We just keep what is necessary for our happiness, for our lives, and let the rest go out into the world. But sometimes it’s easy to fall down, it’s easy to… Read More Necessary

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  Raindrops. A grey sky stretches on endlessly, fat drops of moisture falling, as if for ever. The vibrant shades of the valley are muted, leaves covered with a wet sheen that serves to reflect back the many colours of grey. The sound is soft, comforting. The constant splodge of hundreds of fat droplets into… Read More Raindrops

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First steps in minimalism-consciously choosing to decrease your possessions

Want to decrease your possessions and become a minimalist? Here’s the answers to a few questions. Where do I start? What do I have to do to be a minimalist? That’s what I wondered as I started to read my first book on simplicity. (Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less, in case you’re wondering). That’s… Read More First steps in minimalism-consciously choosing to decrease your possessions


On getting warm

  “Shit” I whisper through chattering teeth. “Shititscold”. I’ve taken an afternoon nap and reckoned on the heating having come on when I awoke. Which it hasn’t. This leaves me currently hopping from one foot to the other, pulling my socks off the radiator (which is still cold), in a tangle of limbs and hair… Read More On getting warm

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I hear the light grey skies before I see them, a certain shift in mood, in atmosphere. An almost heaviness waiting outside the windows. Pulling back linen, light dances in, shining through every part of me, filling the room, changing. Good morning, wake up, the day is here. I push open the windows and listen.… Read More Day

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The application of minimalism

Applying minimalism. Let’s face it. Minimalism is sexy. Shiny. Aspirational…. …unachievable? Minimalism to me isn’t always about giving all your stuff away. In fact, it might not ever be about giving all your stuff away. To me, the meaning of minimalism is simplifying, only using and owning what is necessary, focusing on important things rather… Read More The application of minimalism