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The Cave

Yesterday I woke up in The Cave. Walls closing in on my mind, crushing, eternal and dark. The sickening lurch towards the bottomless pit – that pull that’s so easy to give in to, drifting towards the horizon edge. My breath was panicked, short, shuddering. In the first five minutes of the day I felt… Read More The Cave

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A little list of little things

Little things that make me happy when I’m feeling a bit wobbly: -Guinea Pigs -A book to lose myself in -Making Spotify playlists of all the music I loved when I was growing up -Doing my makeup and playing with crazy colours -Playing with the cat -A huge mug of tea -Playing piano (or another… Read More A little list of little things

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It’s ok to do nothing

It’s ok to do nothing We all have busy lives, even if we’re not that busy. Even if we’ve nowhere to go that day, it can get mighty busy in our heads. Sometimes I just can’t get motivated to do much at all. In between my 3 jobs and writing One Empty Shelf, I still… Read More It’s ok to do nothing