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3 Books, 3 Points – January 2019 Part 2

Oops, I know it’s February now! But only just… If you’ll forgive the slight delay, here are the three books I read in the second half of January. I’m enjoying the two-parter posts for ‘3 books 3 points’, so think I’ll head on with that for now and see how it goes! Also, I’m updating… Read More 3 Books, 3 Points – January 2019 Part 2

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The wind rips through Birch branches outside, bringing twigs clattering onto the conservatory roof. Inside a fluffy fleece, I snuggle deeper into the chair, still in that hot-chocolate-glow that lingers after a long, piping hot bath. The old Bush stereo crackles Schubert in the background, as an unseen draught sends yellow flames flickering from beeswax.… Read More October