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It’s OK to rest

I have to remember that it’s OK to rest. Crazy weeks, emotional battlegrounds – giving, giving, and feeling myself drain. I know it was too much, yet still I continued. And this space, a space that I’d filled with plans, took its chance and made me stop. Essays sit unfinished, deadlines drawing closer. Books pile… Read More It’s OK to rest

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Ouch  I pulled my glutes. At first it was kinda funny that I pulled my bum and all, but after making it worse by trying to carry on, I’m not really laughing any more. I tried to stand up last night, muscles ripping tears from my eyes in pain and frustration. Seizing up, shutting down.… Read More Ouch

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It’s ok to do nothing

It’s ok to do nothing We all have busy lives, even if we’re not that busy. Even if we’ve nowhere to go that day, it can get mighty busy in our heads. Sometimes I just can’t get motivated to do much at all. In between my 3 jobs and writing One Empty Shelf, I still… Read More It’s ok to do nothing