Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

Morning Afternoon Brew, 6.1.2020 It’s actually the afternoon as I sit and sip scalding hot aeropress coffee and munch through a few lebkuchen left over from Christmas. The wind is blustering through bare trees outside, with rain coming in waves – battering the windows then retreating as clouds scud across wild skies. I managed to… Read More Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

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Reflecting on Minimalism

My head is quite full at the moment. Full of questions about global warming, about eating or not eating meat, about the magic of nature, about the relentlessness of time. My mind wonders about symmetry and music, my feet feel soft sand and icy water, my skin takes in the caress of a breeze, the… Read More Reflecting on Minimalism

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Year of Buying Nothing: buy nothing 2015 round up

It’s over! The experiment that was ‘buy nothing 2015‘ is done, wrapped up, and completed. So how did it go, and what did I learn? The first few months were plain sailing. Thinking myself an experienced veteran of the buy nothing movement, I found it quite easy at the beginning of the year. Then my… Read More Year of Buying Nothing: buy nothing 2015 round up