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  Raindrops. A grey sky stretches on endlessly, fat drops of moisture falling, as if for ever. The vibrant shades of the valley are muted, leaves covered with a wet sheen that serves to reflect back the many colours of grey. The sound is soft, comforting. The constant splodge of hundreds of fat droplets into… Read More Raindrops

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The four wooden panes in the sash window are covered in the clear diamond beads of rainfall, rivulets running down, fed by the grey water falling heavily outside. That familiar comforting sound, fat droplets battering the house, steadily drumming, nature’s heartbeat. Fields of golden brown stretch down to the bay, the water gleaming slate, hammered… Read More Cleanse

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Rain on the window

I run to the kiosk in a pink hoodie and no coat. Torrential rain batters down around me, flattening grass and turning the rocks dark grey, deeper even than the clouds that surround them. Fierce, wild wind drives the raindrops, almost horizontal, stinging and on fire. The barista in the kiosk grins at me as… Read More Rain on the window