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Anti-Productivity. I was watching a YouTube video on morning routines yesterday. The general gist of it was that anyone who actually pressed snooze on their alarm clock is a heathen, and if we hadn’t crammed most of a work day into the hours before breakfast time then, well, what’s even the point of existing. The… Read More Anti-Productivity

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The Master Procrastinator

  The Master Procrastinator Back at the end of autumn last year, I made some ‘new year’ resolutions. One of those was to finally put more effort into my blog, into writing, into the one thing I really, really love to do. I wanted to make this year the year I could finally push myself… Read More The Master Procrastinator

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Letting go of early mornings

Letting go of early mornings Oh I’ve tried. I’ve tried to become a morning person. I’ve read blogs about increasing productivity, about gradually waking earlier to enjoy the silence of the day, about using the extra hours to meditate, to write, to walk and be in nature. I’ve tried setting my alarm gradually earlier, I’ve… Read More Letting go of early mornings


One thing at a time

One thing at a time…how to do more by doing less Productivity. It’s a word we all aspire to. Streamlined lives, attaining everything we want to with the minimum of stress. We want to shine, to cruise, to glide into the life we want. We say yes to so many things, all those commitments we… Read More One thing at a time