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  Before There are places where I click. Fit in, like the final piece of puzzle, like an elastic cord snapped back suddenly into place. As if some force, come invisibility is pulling me there, pushing at my memories, telling me there’s another layer deeper than I can get to. It’s more than memory, more… Read More Before

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A thousand years

  I sometimes feel a thousand years displaced, an ache for a time, an unimaginable silence. Countless trees blanket hills, a fresh chill shimmering in the air and a life governed by respect and awe for the land from which we came. A thousand years of lost synergy, a pulse of forgotten heartbeats but a… Read More A thousand years

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Reasons, explanations and choices-why I do what I do

Why I do what I do, why I want what I want. There was a time when I was a different person. When I thrived on stress and told myself endlessly that I worked better under pressure. There was a time when I thought workdays were 18 hours long, when no matter how hard I… Read More Reasons, explanations and choices-why I do what I do