OES Talks To… Maria Goodwin

Maria lives in the UK in an Eastern coastal town. She has pretty tattoos, ace hair, and many earrings. She inspires me with her limitless capacity to care about the people around her, and the support she gives to all. She also has a wicked sense of humour. I’m lucky to know her. What’s the… Read More OES Talks To… Maria Goodwin

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OES Talks To…David Blackmore

OES Talks To…David Blackmore I met Dave when we worked for the same nameless high street store a few years ago. We have both since escaped. He is an awesome person and an excellent guitar player. What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently? Life is very short, and the older I get the shorter it… Read More OES Talks To…David Blackmore

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OES Talks To…Sal

Kicking off the OES Talks To… series. First up it’s Sal… What are you interested in? I’m interested in people, their behaviour, their stories, their psychology. I just get endlessly fascinated! And nosey, I suppose. What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently? I learned how to make a shrug out of any scarf! Take any… Read More OES Talks To…Sal

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From the outside: leaving the rat race behind

Eavesdropping on the rat race: a glimpse of a real world conversation A bonus of writing One Empty Shelf is that I tend to spend a lot of time in coffee shops, drinking strong black filter coffee and taking a look around at who and what is surrounding me. It’s an opportunity to people-watch, to… Read More From the outside: leaving the rat race behind

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OES On Camera: Minimalism for beginners: don’t count your possessions

Minimalism for beginners Sal talks about why counting objects isn’t the be all and end all of minimalism, and how to start to question your purchases and apply minimalism to other areas of your life. 🙂 One Empty Shelf: don’t count your items Share: