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Things I love

  Things I Love  I love the silence as snow falls thickly to the ground. I love that quick moment, between sleep and wakefulness, that one second when all you know is comfort and safety, duvets and dreams. I love the feeling of fitness, being a human, power in muscles, joy in movement. I love… Read More Things I love

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Why I love Pyrography

“To feel completely at one with what you are doing, to know you are strong and able to control your destiny at least for the moment, and to gain a sense of pleasure independent of results is to experience flow. The flow state has many names….Whatever words you use to describe flow experiences, they’re sure… Read More Why I love Pyrography

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Polite is the Goldfinch

A big source of enjoyment to me is always learning about and being fascinated by nature. I’ve loved watching birds since I was small, encouraged by the outstanding knowledge of my family. I still love to sit, to hide indoors, near a window, or outside, with a big coat and some binoculars, and just wait… Read More Polite is the Goldfinch