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The importance of being honest

The importance of being honest  What attracted me first to this idea of simplicity, of living with what is necessary but nothing more? Why do I write this blog, or pare down my belongings? What was the honest, true reason for starting this journey? Back when I was working in management, I’d begun to become… Read More The importance of being honest

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About wastefulness.

I want to talk about wastefulness. About how strange it is that a ‘replace’ rather than ‘re-use’ culture has grown in the past few decades. About how things are made to break, rather than made to last. I’ve spoken before about how I work part time in a charity warehouse. This has given me a… Read More About wastefulness.

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A Christmas dilemma

A Christmas dilemma Each year, as Christmas rolls around, I get a mixed feeling. Excitement, comfort, nights spent snuggled in front of a crackling fire, tidings and joy and trees and carols. But I also feel a creeping pressure starting to build. The season of giving is approaching quick sharp and I feel like I… Read More A Christmas dilemma

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Stop buying stuff

Stop buying stuff I want to talk for a bit about my other, other work. I’m involved with a charity, based at a warehouse. We get donations every minute of every day. We sort, sell and re-distribute the majority of items and are grateful for every single thing that comes through the door, from designer… Read More Stop buying stuff