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What does buying give me?

6 years ago, I decided to stop buying things for a year. I supposed it was easy to stop consuming stuff. After all, I didn’t want to be part of that machine any more – I wanted to break free, to get rid of the knee-jerk twitch that made it so easy to mindlessly keep… Read More What does buying give me?

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The other side of buying nothing

A few years ago, I bought nothing for a year. It seemed so simple on paper. Inspired by the OG Minimalism blogs – Zen Habits, The Minimalists, Becoming Minimalist, Slow Your Home – I loved the idea of a streamlined life, free from clutter and distraction. And so, in the January of 2012, I just… Read More The other side of buying nothing

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Reflecting on Minimalism

My head is quite full at the moment. Full of questions about global warming, about eating or not eating meat, about the magic of nature, about the relentlessness of time. My mind wonders about symmetry and music, my feet feel soft sand and icy water, my skin takes in the caress of a breeze, the… Read More Reflecting on Minimalism

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Shopping for Comfort

  Shopping for Comfort It’s hard to quit that shopping thing. To walk out, willingly, and detach ourselves from the main principle underlying our society, rejecting the status quo and creating a new normal for ourselves. It sounds far-fetched, even radical. Is this what we’re doing when we start to embrace minimalism? To an extent,… Read More Shopping for Comfort

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Year of Buying Nothing: buy nothing 2015 round up

It’s over! The experiment that was ‘buy nothing 2015‘ is done, wrapped up, and completed. So how did it go, and what did I learn? The first few months were plain sailing. Thinking myself an experienced veteran of the buy nothing movement, I found it quite easy at the beginning of the year. Then my… Read More Year of Buying Nothing: buy nothing 2015 round up

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#BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon

#BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon.  So, this last month has been a total, epic write off. I bought things, I bought many things, I bought things I didn’t even need. What happened? I’ve no idea, but here I am on the other side of my spending splurge, a little shaken, a little confused, but… Read More #BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon

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Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going

Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going.  I’m over 3/4 through buying nothing for a year and now, it feels normal. Like shops are for other people and things are meant to be used until they fall to bits. Joy is found in eating fresh food, grown from the garden; in a sunrise, in a… Read More Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going

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It’s all about the outlook

It’s all about the outlook  Over the past few months, I felt an inkling that something was wrong with my minimalism journey. Buying nothing this year was taking its toll and I had started to notice the lack of ‘things’ in my life. I felt like I was living through a hardship, a test, a… Read More It’s all about the outlook

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#buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

Buying nothing for a year… Month 9 update   Woah. It’s 9 months since I started this challenge of buying nothing for a year. 9 MONTHS! Wow!  With only a quarter of the year left, my thought are turning to next year and the lessons I’ve learned from this journey over 2015. I have to… Read More #buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

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#buynothing2015: Halfway

It’s halfway through 2015’s challenge to buy nothing new for a year. And truthfully, that’s come around pretty quickly. The plan for #buynothing2015 was by now to have miraculously learned to sew and mend, to be growing a lot of my own vegetables, be cycling to work every day and generally be an ethical superhero.… Read More #buynothing2015: Halfway