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Thinking or doing?

Thinking or doing?  I think a lot. About so many different things – the obvious ones, like my research, and the less obvious ones, like whether I replied to that message 6 years ago with the right tone of voice, or just exactly how uncomfortable I will feel wearing whatever I’ve decided to wear in… Read More Thinking or doing?


Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

Morning Afternoon Brew, 6.1.2020 It’s actually the afternoon as I sit and sip scalding hot aeropress coffee and munch through a few lebkuchen left over from Christmas. The wind is blustering through bare trees outside, with rain coming in waves – battering the windows then retreating as clouds scud across wild skies. I managed to… Read More Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

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It’s hard to begin afresh when you’ve been still for so long. Still physically, still mentally, still spiritually. A pond with no movement leads to brackish, brown water. Overgrown with weeds, surface reflecting a sad, tired, sheen. Awakening from a sleep, coming around from inactivity, closing the book on that chapter of silence. It’s hard… Read More Begin

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Good enough

  I admit it, things have a been a little slow over on One Empty Shelf recently. Inspiration hits all at once, then leaves me dry, hanging, sometimes for weeks at a time. And during those weeks, I’ve been getting a little complacent. I’ve been tempted, lured down the path of feeling that everything is,… Read More Good enough

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The Master Procrastinator

  The Master Procrastinator Back at the end of autumn last year, I made some ‘new year’ resolutions. One of those was to finally put more effort into my blog, into writing, into the one thing I really, really love to do. I wanted to make this year the year I could finally push myself… Read More The Master Procrastinator

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Getting unstuck-find your ‘just do it’ mindset

Getting unstuck….how to find your ‘get up and go’ and begin your adventure The hardest part to getting more adventure in your life can be to just start. That first push can be the biggest hurdle, whether it’s sleeping out under the stars or finding the confidence to change your job. So how do you… Read More Getting unstuck-find your ‘just do it’ mindset