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Summer evening

Summer evening It was one of those rare summer evenings in Britain. It’s half past ten at night, and the sky is clear. It’s still light, although the blue is fading, merging slowly into orange, pink and pastel hues hinting over the horizon. One or two stars appear but to all intents and purposes it’s… Read More Summer evening


Losing Focus

Recently it feels as if my mind is everywhere. Flitting from one project to another. Planning, dreaming, working, rushing around at 100 miles an hour. And of course, inevitably, I feel as though I’m spread too thinly over all of the projects I’ve got on the go. As much as I hate to admit it,… Read More Losing Focus


One thing at a time

One thing at a time…how to do more by doing less Productivity. It’s a word we all aspire to. Streamlined lives, attaining everything we want to with the minimum of stress. We want to shine, to cruise, to glide into the life we want. We say yes to so many things, all those commitments we… Read More One thing at a time

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The simplicity of snow.

The simplicity of snow Head tilted to one side, resting on warm hands. A favourite mug with steam rising, condensing. Pupils wide, eyes soft, unfocused, transfixed by the countless millions of flakes, falling, drifting lazily from leaden skies. I focus on one, watching white, fluff, cold, buffeted by invisible currents in the air. It slides… Read More The simplicity of snow.

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I run

I run, one foot in front of the other, dark, brown peat sticky and squelching beneath the rubber soles of my trail shoes. My breath draws, burning, deep into my lungs, skin flushed, hair sticking to my damp face, jacket sticking to my back. The sun glares down, the icy wind forgotten, left behind to… Read More I run


I can see clearly now: keeping the holiday mindset once you’re back in the real world

The best laid plans-losing and regaining your holiday mindset Ever lay down on a beach, sun shining and warming you through? Phone turned off, a thousand miles from work, stress and responsibility. Rub on another application of sunscreen and take a dip in the sea. Your mind is relaxed, winding down. A few weeks filled… Read More I can see clearly now: keeping the holiday mindset once you’re back in the real world

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How to declutter your mind

Many people are attracted to minimalism as a way not only to get rid of too many physical objects, accumulated over years, but to clear their mind, to give themselves more space to find what truly matters, and to quiet the whirling thoughts that so many of us experience nowadays in this hectic, 24/7 world.… Read More How to declutter your mind

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Lessons from cake and camomile

I zip up my fleece further, feeling the dew already settled in a fine mist, wetting my fingertips. The viaduct rises thickly out of the brume, and a train passes over, muted in the cloud. People come and go and cars pass by but somehow the greyness stills this day, blanketing the coming and going… Read More Lessons from cake and camomile

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Rain on the window

I run to the kiosk in a pink hoodie and no coat. Torrential rain batters down around me, flattening grass and turning the rocks dark grey, deeper even than the clouds that surround them. Fierce, wild wind drives the raindrops, almost horizontal, stinging and on fire. The barista in the kiosk grins at me as… Read More Rain on the window

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Time slows down amongst trees

Time slows down amongst trees. To wrap arms around solid bark. To breathe in scents of the earth. To lay my head against a trunk and listen to sap rising, to whispers in the leaves, to the tickle of twigs in the canopy above. A dawn walk through woods, hands grazing branches, breathing in deeply… Read More Time slows down amongst trees