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Winter Nesting

Winter Nesting. This last few weeks I’ve felt the need to stay home. Pottering, cleaning, fixing, making. I usually love to be out in the freezing cold, or in the wind and rain, but for some reason the pull to stay indoors is strong. A little routine is developing – feed the birds, de-ice the… Read More Winter Nesting

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  Before There are places where I click. Fit in, like the final piece of puzzle, like an elastic cord snapped back suddenly into place. As if some force, come invisibility is pulling me there, pushing at my memories, telling me there’s another layer deeper than I can get to. It’s more than memory, more… Read More Before

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A thousand years

  I sometimes feel a thousand years displaced, an ache for a time, an unimaginable silence. Countless trees blanket hills, a fresh chill shimmering in the air and a life governed by respect and awe for the land from which we came. A thousand years of lost synergy, a pulse of forgotten heartbeats but a… Read More A thousand years

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  Some people are surprised when they enter my house. Living the minimalist label conveys a certain image of how your home should look. Shiny, spick and span. No clutter. No storage for clutter. Clean, empty surfaces, an uncomfortable designer chair or two, some ludicrous artwork. My house does not look like that. What I… Read More Pursuit

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Rekindling my love

I sit in Mavis, my worn, comfy chair, purchased from a charity shop after falling in love with her tattered, faded ‘project’ upholstery, fake aged armrests, and aura of warmth. The linen curtains are closed now, a veil against the ink black night and jagged winds that shake and rattle the branches of the birch… Read More Rekindling my love

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Why things are no longer built to last

My mum has a relatively new kettle that leaks water everywhere. Apparently it’s an easy fix, just a little screw that needs tightening, then everything is right as rain. Well, it would be, apart from the fact that the little screw is not accessible. It’s covered over by a random piece of plastic. That small,… Read More Why things are no longer built to last

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Reconnection and Hiraeth

In Welsh it’s Hiraeth. The feeling of longing, for home, for something that never quite surfaces. The sun beats down, relentless, shining life and heat all around. My feet walk, ever forward, step by step by step, placing down and each footstep reconnecting with the ground, the earth, my earth. Birdsong, just birdsong, rippled with… Read More Reconnection and Hiraeth

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My heart is bangbangbangbangbanging against my chest, blood swooshing through my ears. Face red, icy wind whipping, stinging, prickling at my skin. Rain, always rain, soaking into the grass, slipping, sliding, ever upwards. Knees starting to tremble, but yes that’s it, I’m there, I’ve made it, I’m finally home, I’m home, I’m home. There’s something… Read More Homeland

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I hear the light grey skies before I see them, a certain shift in mood, in atmosphere. An almost heaviness waiting outside the windows. Pulling back linen, light dances in, shining through every part of me, filling the room, changing. Good morning, wake up, the day is here. I push open the windows and listen.… Read More Day