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Garden Update 1 – compost and veg patch

Spring is in the breeze. The world is slowly reawakening, that endless cycle pushing green buds from bare branches, sending sunlight to illuminate dark corners and warm our hearts. Finally, we’re shaking off the cocoon of winter and feeling the pull to get out and about into the garden. We’ve been planning what to do… Read More Garden Update 1 – compost and veg patch

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Letting go of early mornings

Oh I’ve tried. I’ve tried to become a morning person. I’ve read blogs about increasing productivity, about gradually waking earlier to enjoy the silence of the day, about using the extra hours to meditate, to write, to walk and be in nature. I’ve tried setting my alarm gradually earlier, I’ve tried setting my alarm much… Read More Letting go of early mornings

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Should I use my husband’s stuff? Minimalism Quandary #1

My husband and I have been together for 14 years, married for 5 years this year. Over that time we’ve both changed a lot, me pursuing management then minimalism, him pursuing bioscience and photography. I’m fiery, scatterbrained, impatient, love big thinking and hate minute details. He is calm, positive, supportive, looks at every single option… Read More Should I use my husband’s stuff? Minimalism Quandary #1

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Some people are surprised when they enter my house. Living the minimalist label conveys a certain image of how your home should look. Shiny, spick and span. No clutter. No storage for clutter. Clean, empty surfaces, an uncomfortable designer chair or two, some ludicrous artwork. My house does not look like that. What I love… Read More Pursuit


Really quick and easy posh beans on toast

This posh beans on toast serves 2 and is really simple to make! Takes about 5-10 minutes at most. Nutritious and easy! You’ll need: 2 slices of your favourite proper bread ( I used sourdough from our local cooperative bakery) 1 tin of blackeyed beans Half a courgette A long red sweet pepper 4 big… Read More Really quick and easy posh beans on toast



I started to learn the piano at age 5. I went through the usual child/teenager practice angst, of course. Much as I hated practicing, I loved the fact that I could play an instrument, and the fact that as the years went on, I was pretty good. At age 18 I passed my Grade 8… Read More Piano

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How to live with someone who isn’t a Minimalist

Minimalism is not an easy thing. It’s not easy to begin a journey to dramatically reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ you own. It’s not easy to start to question why you bought that stuff in the first place. It’s really not easy to let that stuff go, especially stuff you have an emotional attachment to.… Read More How to live with someone who isn’t a Minimalist


Guest Room

I love to change up my furniture arrangements pretty regularly. Fitted wardrobes just aren’t my bag! As with life, if things stay the same for too long I start to get a little unsettled. As I’m constantly moving and evolving, so is my home. I had a little experiment with our guest room. We’ve only… Read More Guest Room

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Rekindling my love

I sit in Mavis, my worn, comfy chair, purchased from a charity shop after falling in love with her tattered, faded ‘project’ upholstery, fake aged armrests, and aura of warmth. The linen curtains are closed now, a veil against the ink black night and jagged winds that shake and rattle the branches of the birch… Read More Rekindling my love


Why things are no longer built to last

My mum has a relatively new kettle that leaks water everywhere. Apparently it’s an easy fix, just a little screw that needs tightening, then everything is right as rain. Well, it would be, apart from the fact that the little screw is not accessible. It’s covered over by a random piece of plastic. That small,… Read More Why things are no longer built to last