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Caring Enough

This is a weird thing to try and write about. I think I’ve deleted this sentence about 8 times, trying to put into words this odd feeling that’s niggling at me recently. It’s getting to that time in my ‘time off real work’ where I’m starting to get itchy feet. I feel, if not that… Read More Caring Enough

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  Detour.  When I was small, my only requirements for my future job were that I would never have to get up in the dark, and I would never have to wear a suit. I loved dirt, skateboards, mountain bikes and loud music. I loved baggy trousers, bike chains worn as bracelets, and the outdoors.… Read More Detour

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  I started to learn the piano at age 5. I went through the usual child/teenager practice angst, of course. Much as I hated practicing, I loved the fact that I could play an instrument, and the fact that as the years went on, I was pretty good. At age 18 I passed my Grade… Read More Piano

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Why I love Pyrography

“To feel completely at one with what you are doing, to know you are strong and able to control your destiny at least for the moment, and to gain a sense of pleasure independent of results is to experience flow. The flow state has many names….Whatever words you use to describe flow experiences, they’re sure… Read More Why I love Pyrography