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Fleeting reaction vs deep time emotion

Fleeting reaction versus deep time emotion.  I’ve noticed something weird over the past few years. As I grow older and settle into myself, finally, I still find myself comparing others’ success to my own, even though underneath I know that really it doesn’t matter. It’s hard to really explain what I mean, but I’m going… Read More Fleeting reaction vs deep time emotion

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Positivity & Thoughts

Positivity is hard. Think back over the past few hours. How many negative thoughts or negative comments have you made, either about yourself, your situation, or the people around you? Have you thought to yourself? Have you written something negative on social media? Have you sighed inwardly when looking in the mirror? I catch myself,… Read More Positivity & Thoughts


On getting warm

  “Shit” I whisper through chattering teeth. “Shititscold”. I’ve taken an afternoon nap and reckoned on the heating having come on when I awoke. Which it hasn’t. This leaves me currently hopping from one foot to the other, pulling my socks off the radiator (which is still cold), in a tangle of limbs and hair… Read More On getting warm

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I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Through the open window I can hear it, floating in with the early morning chill, the faint chorus of birds lilting in on the breeze, cool on my face, curtains shifting slightly. A fast, insistent sound, a hammering on wood, almost a buzz, intermittent yet consistent. I smiled,eyes still closed, and breathed in the familiar… Read More I wouldn’t change this for the world.

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Take the hard road-doing what you love

How many hours do you spend per day doing what you love? I mean, really love, something you are so passionate about the hours come and go easily, time flows, your spirit is lifted, joy and inspiration just come and keep coming and coming and you are lost in the moment and ideas and happiness… Read More Take the hard road-doing what you love