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Good enough

I admit it, things have a been a little slow over on One Empty Shelf recently. Inspiration hits all at once, then leaves me dry, hanging, sometimes for weeks at a time. And during those weeks, I’ve been getting a little complacent. I’ve been tempted, lured down the path of feeling that everything is, well,… Read More Good enough

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Take the hard road-doing what you love

How many hours do you spend per day doing what you love? I mean, really love, something you are so passionate about the hours come and go easily, time flows, your spirit is lifted, joy and inspiration just come and keep coming and coming and you are lost in the moment and ideas and happiness… Read More Take the hard road-doing what you love

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Yet so far

I wrote this post at the start of 2013 at a time of hard decisions. Since then things have changed a lot. Offices aren’t for me, but if life demands it, you do what you gotta do. It captures my feelings at that time. 6 days to go. 6 days until I suck it up,… Read More Yet so far

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Doing things that scare you…the pursuit of ‘growth’

Do something every day that scares you. If you’re an avid consumer of entrepreneurial writing, of self-development books, of psychology, or even of Pinterest quotes (who doesn’t love Pinterest quotes though), you will have almost definitely read those 7 words before. Those 7 words. In that sentence, both a barrier and an answer. The truth,… Read More Doing things that scare you…the pursuit of ‘growth’