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The rain drives a thousand needles into my skin, sharp as pinpricks, and I raise my face to the wind and welcome the pain. My toes squelch in boots long sodden, jeans dark and soaked right through. The wind screams at me, buffeting and battering as I raise my arms and scream back at it,… Read More Wild

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The pleasure of hindsight

The pleasure of hindsight  Ah, for the love of clarity. That final, longed-for moment when everything suddenly clicks into place, the hindsight when we realise that we have struggled through experience, fought and cried and clawed our way through it, all for this moment, all for this one, crisp, singular pinpoint, shining, sparkling, blue light,… Read More The pleasure of hindsight

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  Some people are surprised when they enter my house. Living the minimalist label conveys a certain image of how your home should look. Shiny, spick and span. No clutter. No storage for clutter. Clean, empty surfaces, an uncomfortable designer chair or two, some ludicrous artwork. My house does not look like that. What I… Read More Pursuit