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Small Changes: Reusable Period Products

Small Changes: Reusable Period Products  One of my favourite small changes that I’ve made is to switch to reusable period products. I actually made the switch a few years ago now and I thought I’d write about why I’ve really enjoyed making the change. I grew up in a ‘don’t talk about periods’ house and… Read More Small Changes: Reusable Period Products

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Goodbye Hairspray

Goodbye hairspray It’s just over 2 weeks into the latest round of buying nothing new. And, consumer cravings aside, it’s going pretty well. I’ve run out of a few previously essential grooming products (eye make-up remover, hairspray, dry shampoo) and instead of replacing, I’ve decided to forego. What we deem as essential is subjective. A… Read More Goodbye Hairspray