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Natural Beauty

  I’ve been thinking for a while about natural beauty products and replacing my current make up with more eco-friendly, ethical brands. After chatting on Twitter about ethical companies, I decided to take the plunge, and when things run out, I will replace with more ethical alternatives. I want to start cutting down on plastic… Read More Natural Beauty

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#buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

Buying nothing for a year… Month 9 update   Woah. It’s 9 months since I started this challenge of buying nothing for a year. 9 MONTHS! Wow!  With only a quarter of the year left, my thought are turning to next year and the lessons I’ve learned from this journey over 2015. I have to… Read More #buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

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Why things are no longer built to last

My mum has a relatively new kettle that leaks water everywhere. Apparently it’s an easy fix, just a little screw that needs tightening, then everything is right as rain. Well, it would be, apart from the fact that the little screw is not accessible. It’s covered over by a random piece of plastic. That small,… Read More Why things are no longer built to last