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Did you ever get a lightning bolt realisation from reading something small and simple? A little innocuous sentence, but suddenly, a situation becomes clear, all at once? It happened to me this week. Reading the latest Permaculture magazine, Simon Lacey’s article on horticultural therapy really interested me, especially the incorporation of Permaculture principles into therapeutic… Read More Lightning

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What does buying give me?

6 years ago, I decided to stop buying things for a year. I supposed it was easy to stop consuming stuff. After all, I didn’t want to be part of that machine any more – I wanted to break free, to get rid of the knee-jerk twitch that made it so easy to mindlessly keep… Read More What does buying give me?

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The other side of buying nothing

A few years ago, I bought nothing for a year. It seemed so simple on paper. Inspired by the OG Minimalism blogs – Zen Habits, The Minimalists, Becoming Minimalist, Slow Your Home – I loved the idea of a streamlined life, free from clutter and distraction. And so, in the January of 2012, I just… Read More The other side of buying nothing

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Claws, clutter, and change

The last year or so has been a journey, to put it mildly. Now I’m feeling quite a lot better, and I’m ready to step into this next phase of life. I’m quite looking forward to it. I think I’ve learnt a lot. A road I never expected but really, I feel like a better… Read More Claws, clutter, and change

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Spending to feel better

It’s just about cold enough for porridge today. Even though I’ve pulled on a t-shirt this morning, autumn is pricking at my bare arms and the wind brings that unmistakable scent, the one where summer starts to sigh and draw languidly to a close. The pan lid tickers away, bubbles escaping from inside and the… Read More Spending to feel better

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As autumn hits us in full flow, I find now is the time of year I like to sit back and take stock of all the things flying around my mind. Sometimes, as the seasons wind onward, the colder air turns our thoughts to the end of the calendar year, and of course, the advertisers… Read More Importance

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After-effects of buying nothing

Last year, I challenged myself to buy nothing. Once you get used to buying nothing but food and the odd deodorant, your brain seems to re-wire into a state where it seems strange to buy things. I certainly felt this way, beating myself up for any slip-ups I made. Luckily I realised that feeling bad… Read More After-effects of buying nothing

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Make your friends jealous

So at work we listen to commercial radio. Sifting through rails of clothes, preoccupied by fluffy jumpers and size cubes, something seemed to nag at my attention. An advert, something I usually manage to tune out, was niggling at the periphery of my hearing. I zoned out of jumpers and tuned in to commercialism. The… Read More Make your friends jealous

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First steps in minimalism-consciously choosing to decrease your possessions

Want to decrease your possessions and become a minimalist? Here’s the answers to a few questions. Where do I start? What do I have to do to be a minimalist? That’s what I wondered as I started to read my first book on simplicity. (Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less, in case you’re wondering). That’s… Read More First steps in minimalism-consciously choosing to decrease your possessions

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One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing. Part 1 – 2012

Year of Buying Nothing 2012 You may have read elsewhere on One Empty Shelf about my year of buying nothing, which I did in 2012 and which was such an adventure. I blogged throughout on the first incarnation of One Empty Shelf, and reading through my old posts has brought back the lessons, the struggles… Read More One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing. Part 1 – 2012