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A Year Walking Slowly

In autumn last year, I decided to stop paying lip service to nature. Modern life grabs our cheeks and forces our sight to other, shiny, things. Loud adverts, products. More money to keep our bigger houses. More things to fill our lives with a meaning created by somebody else. My whole journey with minimalism started… Read More A Year Walking Slowly



Unplugged We spent the day turning our smartphones on and off, date, WiFi, 3G, 4G. We drove and got excited when the road offered us a spot of data, a small area where our phones would finally connect to the outside world. Our hearts leapt at the chance to stare at that small screen again,… Read More Unplugged

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I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Through the open window I can hear it, floating in with the early morning chill, the faint chorus of birds lilting in on the breeze, cool on my face, curtains shifting slightly. A fast, insistent sound, a hammering on wood, almost a buzz, intermittent yet consistent. I smiled,eyes still closed, and breathed in the familiar… Read More I wouldn’t change this for the world.

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Time slows down amongst trees

Time slows down amongst trees. To wrap arms around solid bark. To breathe in scents of the earth. To lay my head against a trunk and listen to sap rising, to whispers in the leaves, to the tickle of twigs in the canopy above. A dawn walk through woods, hands grazing branches, breathing in deeply… Read More Time slows down amongst trees