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Fleeting reaction vs deep time emotion

Fleeting reaction versus deep time emotion.  I’ve noticed something weird over the past few years. As I grow older and settle into myself, finally, I still find myself comparing others’ success to my own, even though underneath I know that really it doesn’t matter. It’s hard to really explain what I mean, but I’m going… Read More Fleeting reaction vs deep time emotion

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Thoughts on social media

Thoughts on social media.  I watched illustrator Julia Bausenhardt’s video on giving up social media the other day, and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve tried hard to quit social media before, countless times (if you’re a long time reader of the blog you might know!), always lasting just a few weeks before… Read More Thoughts on social media

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Leave it all behind

Leave it all behind Should I apply for that job? Should I start a new hobby? Should I make new plans? Should I change my life? Endless questions run around my head, spinning in an infinity loop, tiring and exhausting and relentless. There’s always a new quote to take on board, a new person to… Read More Leave it all behind

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Auditing what I share – how do we use social media?

Auditing what I share – how do we use social media? Scrolling through some social media feeds earlier today, I was dismayed to discover a high percentage of feeds that seemed to just consist of endless moaning, vitriol, and blame. It made me think about my own social media feeds, and the messages I convey,… Read More Auditing what I share – how do we use social media?