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Change.  I’m thinking about removing the minimalism part of the blog. Woah, ok, I said it. Even though that section is more of an ‘archive’, my minimalism posts get more traffic than anything I’ve written since. But for me, minimalism has served its purpose. It was a kick-start for the most tumultuous decade of my… Read More Change


Morning Brew 29/7/2020

Morning Brew 29/7/2020.  I haven’t written a morning brew chat for 6 months! I could have sworn it was just a few weeks ago. Time is loopy these days. Well, here I am, and I have tea and Weetabix. Hello. The rain has finally stopped in this, the most autumnal July we’ve had for a… Read More Morning Brew 29/7/2020

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One foot in front of the other

It’s Tuesday. I’ve caffeinated my way through my piano lesson and am now munching my way through a pile of vegetable sticks and houmous. Somehow this has randomly become my favourite lunch. I feel like after the yuletide period my body was crying out for vegetables, vitamins, anything green… so I’m well into the crunchy… Read More One foot in front of the other

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Leave it all behind

Leave it all behind Should I apply for that job? Should I start a new hobby? Should I make new plans? Should I change my life? Endless questions run around my head, spinning in an infinity loop, tiring and exhausting and relentless. There’s always a new quote to take on board, a new person to… Read More Leave it all behind

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We must

We must The past month or so, I have lost my words. A sadness, inevitably washing over me in deeper and deeper waves every time I turn on the radio, or catch the news, or look on social media. The hatred flooding the world, the indescribable sadness over shootings and murders and racism and divides.… Read More We must

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The pleasure of hindsight

The pleasure of hindsight  Ah, for the love of clarity. That final, longed-for moment when everything suddenly clicks into place, the hindsight when we realise that we have struggled through experience, fought and cried and clawed our way through it, all for this moment, all for this one, crisp, singular pinpoint, shining, sparkling, blue light,… Read More The pleasure of hindsight

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Trust yourself

Trust yourself You are right. Listen to me. You know. Look in your heart and you will know. Tune out reason, tune out opinion. Tune out ‘the right thing’, that destroyer of dreams. Open your eyes and soul and start to believe. If it’s hard, it’s right. if it’s scary, it’s right. If it takes… Read More Trust yourself