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Humans are a rum old species. In the last few hundred years we seem to have entirely removed ourselves from the natural world in the name of progress – this progress, being, of course, entirely defined in human terms. Anything seen only through our eyes is debatable at best. How can we know true nature… Read More Above

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The seat presses hard against my back, legs jammed up against the hard plastic of the chair in front of me. Wheels skim over rails beneath, a warm sound a comfort in my inadvertent cocoon of seating. I make myself small, away from commuters, retreating to a world of headphones and motion. I lean my… Read More Ideas

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Time moves forwards, as do we, sometimes looking back, but forever eternally moving on and on.¬† It is a healer, a clich√©, an enemy, a friend. Time is a tool, an usurper, a disguise. In the moment, time can be hated and loved, derided or respected. The passage of time can break and heal and… Read More Arrows

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Wrestling with words

You may or may not have noticed the reduced frequency of posts recently here on OES. And truly, I honestly don’t know why. It’s not that I’ve no time, or too much on… I’ve just been wandering in a fug for the last couple of months, not quite sure where I’m heading, and have been… Read More Wrestling with words

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It’s hard to begin afresh when you’ve been still for so long. Still physically, still mentally, still spiritually. A pond with no movement leads to brackish, brown water. Overgrown with weeds, surface reflecting a sad, tired, sheen. Awakening from a sleep, coming around from inactivity, closing the book on that chapter of silence. It’s hard… Read More Begin

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Eating Plants

At 32 I finally decided to do something I should have done a long, long time ago. Fear of ridicule, lack of a strong reason, just plain laziness… all these things that I used to view as decent reasons somehow stopped becoming so damn important. I’m only a few weeks in to this new journey.… Read More Eating Plants

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What I’ve learned from 36 days off the drink

Those who know me know that I love an ale or three. Not commercial, water-weakened lager, not what passes for bitter these days…but a proper, craft-brewed, hipster-approved real ale. And luckily, with the swift rise of the craft ale movement, there are new beers hitting the shelves every single day. Woo! Although, recently, I have… Read More What I’ve learned from 36 days off the drink

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After-effects of buying nothing

Last year, I challenged myself to buy nothing. Once you get used to buying nothing but food and the odd deodorant, your brain seems to re-wire into a state where it seems strange to buy things. I certainly felt this way, beating myself up for any slip-ups I made. Luckily I realised that feeling bad… Read More After-effects of buying nothing

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Good enough

I admit it, things have a been a little slow over on One Empty Shelf recently. Inspiration hits all at once, then leaves me dry, hanging, sometimes for weeks at a time. And during those weeks, I’ve been getting a little complacent. I’ve been tempted, lured down the path of feeling that everything is, well,… Read More Good enough

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The Master Procrastinator

Back at the end of autumn last year, I made some ‘new year’ resolutions. One of those was to finally put more effort into my blog, into writing, into the one thing I really, really love to do. I wanted to make this year the year I could finally push myself and start trying out… Read More The Master Procrastinator