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Humans are a rum old species. In the last few hundred years we seem to have entirely removed ourselves from the natural world in the name of progress – this progress, being, of course, entirely defined in human terms. Anything seen only through our eyes is debatable at best. How can we know true nature… Read More Above

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After-effects of buying nothing

After-effects of buying nothing Last year, I challenged myself to buy nothing. Once you get used to buying nothing but food and the odd deodorant, your brain seems to re-wire into a state where it seems strange to buy things. I certainly felt this way, beating myself up for any slip-ups I made. Luckily I… Read More After-effects of buying nothing

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Changing our focus

Changing our focus: how to think positively in an increasingly negative world I’ve stopped listening to the news. Being bombarded from every side with murder, with war, with pollution and climate change, with racism and sexism and bigotry. Whilst some people are busy destroying the world, other people are busy destroying themselves and others. I… Read More Changing our focus

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Social minimalism-how to stay classy on social media

How often does your use of social media add value to your life? How often have you clicked on a post or link that really makes you think? Social media is a powerful, instant and effective way to share ideas, information and knowledge. But sadly, this is getting lost in a banausic wave of like-fishing… Read More Social minimalism-how to stay classy on social media

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Quitting technology-the effects of social media

Quitting Techology This week I took a break from social media, stopped watching TV, and only checked my email once a day. I turned my phone off and only turned it on 1st in the morning and last thing at night. It was brilliant. After the obligatory facebook cravings for inane status updates had subsided,… Read More Quitting technology-the effects of social media