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Winter Nesting

Winter Nesting. This last few weeks I’ve felt the need to stay home. Pottering, cleaning, fixing, making. I usually love to be out in the freezing cold, or in the wind and rain, but for some reason the pull to stay indoors is strong. A little routine is developing – feed the birds, de-ice the… Read More Winter Nesting

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Float.¬† The fog in the valley is whiter than usual. Thick, still, eerie, yes – but bright, wrapping me in a cocoon of something that’s not-quite-light. Bulbs are pushing strongly through the ground, peeping above the snow that lies still frozen. Blue tits are popping in and out of the bird box. Fox and squirrel… Read More Float

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Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall

Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall We moved in to our 1860’s cottage seven years ago and immediately painted everything white. If we were feeling so inclined, we managed a quick ‘feature wall’ in a neutral colour, just to add a bit of interest. Emergency decoration done, we relaxed into our new home, and over the… Read More Whimsical Bedroom Makeover with Photowall

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Garden Update – compost and veg patch

  Garden update – compost and veg patch¬† Spring is in the breeze. The world is slowly reawakening, that endless cycle pushing green buds from bare branches, sending sunlight to illuminate dark corners and warm our hearts. Finally, we’re shaking off the cocoon of winter and feeling the pull to get out and about into… Read More Garden Update – compost and veg patch