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Making a new identity

Making a new identity If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ll know I left my last job a while back now – I think it’s over 2 years ago. Since leaving, there’s been something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I’ve just felt really lost and without purpose. I don’t regret… Read More Making a new identity


Shops, coffee and almost spring

Shops, coffee and almost spring  With great fanfare, the shops re-opened again here in England last week, along with pubs and cafes – those that have outside space, at least. I must admit I’ve enjoyed a quiet pint and a waterside coffee, and that was enough for me, for now. I feel like the more… Read More Shops, coffee and almost spring

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6 books, 3 points! Bumper Saturday Book Review

3 books, 3 points Bumper Six-Book Edition! haha Welcome back to Three Books, Three Points… with six books this month! A bumper edition 🙂 I’ve been really behind with my book reviews so here is a catch-up post with some fab books published in the last few months, and one, ‘The Revelations’ out last week.… Read More 6 books, 3 points! Bumper Saturday Book Review


Morning Brew, 7.4.21

Morning Brew, 7.4.21. Well, good morning, It’s been a long time since I wrote a Morning Brew and I missed the whole stream-of-consciousness typing thing, so here I am! Today’s brew is an instant coffee (shocker) in a huge mug, steaming away beside the computer. My morning lecture was cancelled so I spent the time… Read More Morning Brew, 7.4.21

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Anti-Productivity. I was watching a YouTube video on morning routines yesterday. The general gist of it was that anyone who actually pressed snooze on their alarm clock is a heathen, and if we hadn’t crammed most of a work day into the hours before breakfast time then, well, what’s even the point of existing. The… Read More Anti-Productivity

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Rollercoaster. Wow, I’ve been up and down with posting recently, publishing and deleting posts, getting into a funk about blogging (and life) and just generally being a mess. The last month my mind has been racing, overthinking, putting too much importance on things that just don’t matter. My dreams have been crazy, the same dreams… Read More Rollercoaster

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Foundations. I’m writing in the shed today, legs warmed by the laptop fan, waiting for the sun to peek around the corner and begin to warm this little wooden box. An afternoon wandering around reservoirs has been scuppered as the car broke down halfway there, resulting in a dejected limp homewards, but still plenty of… Read More Foundations


Walking forwards

Walking forwards.  The flip over into March seems to be awakening a sort of restlessness in me. I can’t stop tidying, clearing out, organising things. I feel an impatience for the heat of summer, but also for something I can’t quite put my finger on. A need to be ‘doing’ after months of stasis. A… Read More Walking forwards


Deep breaths and self-belief

Deep breaths and self-belief. With the melting of the snow comes a spark of life. As ice recedes and the hardened ground begins to thaw, I too sense a shift after the stillness of past weeks. It’s like the little ideas I planted back in October are beginning to grow along with the bulbs and… Read More Deep breaths and self-belief

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Observe. A teeny, tiny crocus has reared its head in the garden under the birch tree. Poking through the snow, adjacent to a singular snowdrop, the bright yellow bud looks almost fluorescent in the palate of ice whites, muted greys and browns that accompany bad weather here in the UK. It’s as if my eyes… Read More Observe