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Mellow Minimalism

Mellow Minimalism – Reflections   My last big ‘minimalism’ push was a few years ago now, when I spent a couple of years buying nothing. Since then I haven’t really posted that much about minimalism. I wanted to write a little about what I’ve been doing in that time, the effect it had on my life,… Read More Mellow Minimalism

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Small Changes: Reusable Period Products

Small Changes: Reusable Period Products  One of my favourite small changes that I’ve made is to switch to reusable period products. I actually made the switch a few years ago now and I thought I’d write about why I’ve really enjoyed making the change. I grew up in a ‘don’t talk about periods’ house and… Read More Small Changes: Reusable Period Products


Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

Morning Afternoon Brew, 6.1.2020 It’s actually the afternoon as I sit and sip scalding hot aeropress coffee and munch through a few lebkuchen left over from Christmas. The wind is blustering through bare trees outside, with rain coming in waves – battering the windows then retreating as clouds scud across wild skies. I managed to… Read More Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

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Ten Years On

It’s the day before New Year’s eve and it’s the end of a decade. I feel like I’ve missed something, missed out on years of time flashing past me before I noticed. I feel as though the years between 26 and 36 have been a blur. So much has happened, yet here I still am.… Read More Ten Years On

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3 Books, 3 points: December 2019

3 Books, 3 points: December 2019 Hello everyone, and welcome to December’s book review! It’s settling down into what I like to call ‘reading season’ – where you can stay immersed under a blanket with a good book as it’s dark and cold outside – perfect! Have you read any great books recently? I’ve been… Read More 3 Books, 3 points: December 2019

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Small changes: Natural deodorant by Norfolk Natural Living

Trying out a natural deodorant from Norfolk Natural Living. I’ve switched back and forth between deodorants for a few years now, always meaning to buy a natural version. I used a natural tin deodorant for a while, which worked, however I found my underarms getting irritated the longer I used it. After some research I… Read More Small changes: Natural deodorant by Norfolk Natural Living

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Meet the cacti part 4: Introducing Benjamin

This little heap of prickles is Benjamin. He arrived as a present, a tiny, tiny little sphere covered in glassy spikes of rage. Benjamin lived in a tiny little pot, which was fine, as he was a tiny little cactus. He has a long name for such a little prickle. When Benjamin was small he… Read More Meet the cacti part 4: Introducing Benjamin

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Meet the cacti part 3: Introducing Theodore

This is Theodore. He is a tall lil dude, with many prickly fingers. He might be a succulent, but he’s never told me so I don’t like to ask. Theodore came into my life from my mum, who had been given him as a present. He was rather dehydrated, and lived in a very tall… Read More Meet the cacti part 3: Introducing Theodore

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Positive Impact

In recent years, it’s become increasingly important to me to live ever more softly on the land. I’ve been consumed by big thoughts, deep, soul-searching questions about my place on this little blue dot we call Earth. I wonder how I can best make an impact on the life around me. What can I do… Read More Positive Impact


Morning Brew 12.11.2019

Brew #5 More thoughts on social media  Good morning! I’m wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea this chilly November morning. I’ve a few free days, and am toying with the idea of having an intense freshen-up of my social media. I’m not sure what has spurred me on, but after closing accounts… Read More Morning Brew 12.11.2019