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Hello 🙂

I’m Sal and I’ve been writing about minimalism and simplicity in a little corner of the internet since 2012.


You can email me at hello {at} oneemptyshelf.com

One Empty Shelf is not on social media. I produce a seasonal newsletter focusing on minimalism and simplicity.

You can find my book reviews on the blog, on Netgalley and GoodReads.


In a bit more detail:

About Me

Hello, I’m Sal 🙂 I write about minimalism and simplicity here on One Empty Shelf. As of early 2021 I am launching a new blog, The Ginger Feather which will run alongside One Empty Shelf.

The Blog

One Empty Shelf started back in 2012, and yes, it started with one, single empty shelf!  I completed two ‘no spend’ years in 2012 and 2015 and still love writing about life outside shopping. I’m a fan of simple living and ethical alternatives and like exploring options outside of the traditional consumer chain.

I also love to read and publish a monthly book review series called ‘3 books, 3 points’ where I review books in 3 bullet points. I’ve been part of campaigns for ‘The Flower Girls‘ with Bloomsbury Raven Books, ‘Into The River‘ with Legend Press, and Pushkin Press’s blog tour for ‘When Life Gives You Mangoes‘. Book reviews will be moving over to The Ginger Feather in due course.


I was interviewed for an article in The Observer a few years ago, and featured in Poland’s Twoj Styl magazine, too.

Blog Stats

Up-to-date blog stats and demographics are available on request, just send me an email at the address above 🙂