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Hello 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and spending a little time at One Empty Shelf… This page is a general information page for anyone interested in One Empty Shelf and the topics I cover on the blog.

The Blog

One Empty Shelf started back in 2012, and yes, it started with one, single empty shelf! I started out writing about Minimalism, creating a little more space for myself physically and mentally. One Empty Shelf is named to remember the little thing that started it all off. I completed two ‘no spend’ years in 2011 and 2015.

Since then, the focus of the blog has changed and now I write about my life in more detail – talking about nature, simplicity, living ethically, slow living, books and things that cross my mind, as well as my experiences with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In short, One Empty Shelf focuses on:

-Mental Health
-Simplicity and Slow Living
-Ethical Living
-Outdoors and Nature
-Chronic Illness
-Books and reading

What I write about

I am very much an advocate for honest and frank discussion of mental health issues and try to be open about my experience with depression, as well as sharing the things that have helped, with a focus on nature and outdoors.

I love to read and publish a monthly book review series called ‘3 books, 3 points’ where I review books in 3 bullet points. I’ve been part of campaigns for ‘The Flower Girls‘ with Bloomsbury Raven Books, ‘Into The River‘ with Legend Press, and soon to take part in Pushkin Press’s blog tour for ‘When Life Gives You Mangoes’.

Whilst focusing on minimalism, I was interviewed for an article in The Observer and featured in Poland’s Twoj Styl magazine, too.

I now write about thoughts that cross my mind, love the outdoors and the sense of place that being in nature can bring. I’m a fan of simple living and ethical alternatives and like exploring options outside of the traditional consumer chain.

Blog Stats:

Up-to-date blog stats and demographics are available on request, just send me an email at the address below 🙂


I’m open to ideas for collaborations in the following areas:
-Book Reviews/Publisher Collaborations
-Mental Health/Depression
-Natural/Ethical Products & Initiatives
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
-Experiences/Tourism/Days Out

If there’s anything else you feel may be a good fit, please get in touch!

Book Reviews/ARCs

I accept ARC’s, please email me 🙂


You can email me at hello {at} oneemptyshelf.com

or find me on Social Media: