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All Change

All Change. 

So the last year or so has been a bit of a detour here on One Empty Shelf. I’ve been thinking about where I wanted to take the blog, and in doing so ended up taking it basically everywhere. I wanted somewhere to share everything, but in hindsight, I feel everything has become a bit, well, lost.

In honesty I’ve toyed with the idea of closing the blog as I wasn’t having as much fun writing it – the loss of focus made it hard to know what to write, and I began to feel less absorbed by the words that eventually found their way out. I wanted to close the chapter on a few things, and keep some others. So, after a few months of dithering, I’ve finally figured a way forward.

The good news: One Empty Shelf will be staying around (yey!) but there will be a few changes. I’m keeping this blog for all things minimalism, simplicity, and general rage at the consumer machine. Back to the good old days! There’ll be a few small changes – categories might shift or disappear, and I’m sure it’s time for a general ‘spruce-up’ around here, too. And as for everything else?

Well, everything else will shift over to a shiny new home, The Ginger Feather (This is also Good News! Hurrah!). There I’ll share more of my thoughts, books, reading and life in my Yorkshire cottage. There’ll be more in depth space for writing about nature and wilderness, home, words, community and more.

The Book Shelf Club will launch from The Ginger Feather (maybe with a new name!) in due course, along with other exciting things as we go along. I’m looking forward to streamlining One Empty Shelf – emptying those metaphorical shelves, I suppose! The One Empty Shelf newsletter will stay here, focusing more on simplicity and minimalism, and there’ll be a new one over at The Ginger Feather. Feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe as best fits you!

Considering giving up the blog made me realise how much of a companion it has been over the years. I’m still passionate about the thing that started it all off and I’d like to write more about it, but felt it’d get lost in the current iteration.

So, now there is the best of both worlds! A place to write passionately about the overconsumption crisis, and a new, different place to share more of ‘me’, without worrying about how it all fits together. Because sometimes, it feels right to have more than one of something 😉

The Ginger Feather is still a work in progress, but you can head over there and sign up for the newsletter to keep you updated (it’d be lovely to see you!).

That kind of concludes this chapter, I suppose. Onto the next!


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6 thoughts on “All Change

  1. “Because sometimes, it feels right to have more than one of something.” – Absolutely! I love the name and tagline of the new blog – excited and happy that you’ve found a way forward 😀

  2. looking forward to your new ideas and love to see what emerges…Everything you write is so heartfelt and honest.
    good luck with everything and by the way I love your cottage and garden…Love Joan

    1. Thank you Joan! :):) Hopefully will be more cottage/garden things coming along! Sat under the tree right now and it’s dropping catkins on my head. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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