Shops, coffee and almost spring

Shops, coffee and almost spring 

With great fanfare, the shops re-opened again here in England last week, along with pubs and cafes – those that have outside space, at least. I must admit I’ve enjoyed a quiet pint and a waterside coffee, and that was enough for me, for now. I feel like the more things that open up, the more I want to stay home. I’m happy for those who can return to jobs, for those businesses that made it through lockdown so far being able to reopen. But I must admit to a tinge of regret that there was no big realisation, after all living for a year with less, that we could maybe take this, as a society, and look to the future.

I remember in first lockdown that among the terror and heartache, there was a little glimmer of hope that humanity needed to slow, to catch a breath. We needed to sit in our gardens and listen to birdsong. We couldn’t go shopping and seemed to get by without relying on it as a pastime. I dared to dream that this might translate into something bigger. But as the months slipped by, the government focus became ‘back to normal’, ‘business as usual’. Of course it did. I’m not sure why I hoped things would change.

So, a week of mixed emotions. I’m a little overwhelmed with life – everything just seems so big at the moment. I had a plan to overhaul the driveway this year – it’s spent the last 10 years being taken over by couch grass, (as has the entire garden really) but every time I look at it it’s just too much to do. I always end up just walking away, not knowing where to start. It’s the same with a lot of other things – I can’t seem to begin!

It’s been sunny at least, although a little chillier than I’d like – it feels like spring is almost here but the associated warmth is still lurking elsewhere… But flowers are blooming, the tadpoles have hatched, bats are out and about at dusk, and I saw the first butterfly of the season 2 days ago (a Peacock, if you’re interested!). I enthusiastically planted up some bedding plants only for the weather forecast to change to overnight frosts again, so have been spending evenings pottering in and out of the greenhouse taking them all back in again overnight. At least they’re out in the day for the bees! Huge, fuzzy bumblebees are buzzing all around. I never realise how much I miss their background buzzing over the winter until it starts up again!

Well I’ll leave it there for today. Hopefully it will warm up soon enough and spring will properly arrive!


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4 thoughts on “Shops, coffee and almost spring

  1. Hi……that was beautifully written and described just has you always do….
    …I have the same feeling but when I look back I have a
    always felt like that overwhelmed and I have just been pottering in the garden hoping no one can see me…just me in my
    sanctuary…..keep writing Sally I love your ramblings (mean that in a good way) they are honest and heartfelt….xxx

  2. Although I understand why people are eager to see more things reopen here in the States, I’m also hoping we don’t just get back to business as usual. I know it would mean the unemployed might be able to have a job again and parents trying to juggle working from home and their kids remote education will be able to send their kids back. I do want those things for them but I also want to see changes that will be better for all of us. I want to see ALL work valued, no matter what you do for a living. I am well aware that I was very, very lucky to be able to work from home. Many were not because we still needed food trucked to stores, store workers to stock the shelves, and clerks to ring up and pack our orders. We also needed essential buildings and public transportation kept super clean so they would be safer to use. We needed people working in factories to make the masks and hand sanitizer that was keeping us safe. These people are just as important as the CEOs of these stores, public transport systems, and factories and they should be properly compensated for their efforts.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Annie. There is such an opportunity to begin to make changes that will benefit all – to begin to undo the systems that lead to inequality in the first place. I really hope that if anything good is to come from this horrible pandemic it’s the realisation about what and who is important – everybody. You’re right, those that are working the most dangerous jobs, those on low wages – they’re the ones who kept everything running during lockdown. I hope we remember this as life begins to return to normal.

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