Morning Brew, 7.4.21

Morning Brew, 7.4.21.

Well, good morning, It’s been a long time since I wrote a Morning Brew and I missed the whole stream-of-consciousness typing thing, so here I am!

Today’s brew is an instant coffee (shocker) in a huge mug, steaming away beside the computer. My morning lecture was cancelled so I spent the time making playlist images for Spotify instead of doing anything productive, but it was fun! The Easter weekend has just passed by, which was lovely. We managed to visit family for the first time in months. Like everybody, I imagine, it’s been such a long time since seeing anybody in person and not on a zoom screen. We met our new niece for the first time. General all-round loveliness.

So, it was 4 days of just relaxing, popping in and out the hot tub, pottering round the garden and just spending time doing those little things that seem to make life generally joyous. It’s those little things I can’t seem to catch onto when I’m by myself at the moment. They were coming back before the pandemic hit, but I’m not going to lie, this last year has been tough, mentally. The end is almost in sight though. Hopefully we’ll be getting our vaccines within the next couple of months.

The weather is trending towards warm, even though this week is an icy cold snap (snow yesterday!) and the tender plants are back in the greenhouse until the frost passes. Next week looks warm and I’m looking forward to starting planting things properly and getting the garden going.

The project this year is to clear out the big pile of ‘stuff’ that has accumulated from various DIY projects and because we can no longer take rubble to the tip here. Really. We have to pay the council to remove it a bit at a time, or get a skip. So a skip it is, and hopefully a lot more will go in too. Couch grass has taken over the garden, so a week or so of pulling that up is also on the cards. I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

I’ve been off and on and up and down with this whole ‘attempting to make my blog an actual thing’ project. When Minimalism was a big new thing, my blog was pretty popular. But now there are loads of minimalism bloggers and vloggers and I’ve kind of shifted into my next step of life.

My blog traffic is less than half it was in its heyday a few years ago. The focus of the blog is a little lost – I want it to reflect my life, but this is probably apt, as I’m a little lost as well. I’ve been toying with the idea of a new blog – a new start, somehow. I think I’ll stay here, but it’s something niggling in the back of my mind. I’ll settle down soon enough, I feel. It’s the hanging on until that moment!

I’m also thinking about making a living from the blog, without adverts. I lack any iota of self-belief so have spent all the time so far making things for Patreon before it launches, then deleting them in a fit of ‘I’m terrible at everything’. Which is a pattern for my life, really!

My brain shouts horrible things really loudly and it’s rather hard to ignore. But ignore it I shall have to. I’ve loads of pages of ideas and fun things to do, but the making the lists is easy – it’s the actual doing that is hard. Ho hum!

Well my coffee is a little cold so it’s off to the microwave to heat it up. Until next time 🙂

Sal x

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  1. Yay for the fun Easter weekend, exciting about garden and I believe you can and do make wonderful things! 🙂

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