Deep breaths and self-belief

Deep breaths and self-belief.

With the melting of the snow comes a spark of life. As ice recedes and the hardened ground begins to thaw, I too sense a shift after the stillness of past weeks. It’s like the little ideas I planted back in October are beginning to grow along with the bulbs and buds. I wondered how to balance, and how to believe in myself. I wondered how to create something sustainable from this blog. I wondered how to give more of myself to it.

It takes a lot for me to raise my head, square my shoulders, and say I can do this. It takes a suspension of the years of not-good-enough to grab an idea and think, this might be the way forward. My dream is to carry on this little blog and make it something more – but staying true to what it is. I don’t want to sell stuff. I did some ‘gifted’ posts, but it just didn’t feel right. I don’t want to have ads. I’m not on social media. And so I thought they way forward might be Patreon.

I don’t have an income, at all. It’s hard to find meaning and self-worth when utterly reliant on someone else for anything financial. I don’t need much, but I need to create something, of my own, that is worth something to other people, too. So I built an extension of the blog, where you can choose to support it further, if you so wish. It’ll be separate from here – a decade of working in retail has left me averse of trying to sell or promote anything, especially myself. So now and then I may mention what’s happening, and there’ll be a link in the sidebar, and you can visit, or not. Argh, I hate even typing this. But I hope it’ll be a lovely place to come and hang out and talk and take some time for yourself.

It’ll be little things, following my slow life – a bit of gardening, coming on a walk, pottering around, making terrible crafts and attempting to bake. Some reading, some animals, lots of nature. New posts and videos and photos of the daft cat. Just a space to take some time out of the day and potter along with each other.

Anyway, it’ll be up to visit in a few weeks, once I’ve figured it out and stressed out and doubted myself and probably cried and then just pressed publish. It would be lovely to have you along, if you want some extra One Empty Shelf things.


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9 thoughts on “Deep breaths and self-belief

  1. You’re a rare species these days – one that doesn’t like to self-promote or include ads. (I count myself in the same category and always struggle when I think about inviting readers to my new blog).
    I hope that there will be a move away from the “influencers” who will promote anything and back to neutral, independent sources 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes I really don’t like the whole self-promotion part – and wondered if it would work another way…? 🙂 I think there’s a difference between showing people who might be interested where there is more content, rather than being pushy about it… but I feel pushy whatever! Ugh. Yes, it is a struggle!

      Also I think your new blog is great – Really enjoyed the impossible burger post, especially discussing the GM question, the packaging and their ingredient sourcing. I’ve followed! 🙂

      1. Thank you! I hope some of the products will be of interest to readers outside the US. Recently I’ve been trying a South African brand called Fry’s – vegan pizza and sausage rolls! Both taste amazing! Will review them in the coming weeks. I think they are in the UK too. Are Impossible Burgers popular there?

      2. Ooo yes Fry’s are definitely here in the UK – when I worked in a health food store their schnitzels and the polony were really popular! I’m not sure how popular the Impossible Burger is, you can definitely get it here (I think some supermarkets carry it) and I think Burger King started to do an Impossible Whopper – not sure if they still do though! It’s never really appealed to me…! 🙂

    1. So far it’s going to be separate, with the extra stuff just on Patreon. So if anyone is interested, they can head there for all the extra bits, and if people are not interested, then this site will stay as it is!

      I did think about having a ‘log in’ section of the site but that’s way beyond my very limited technical web skillset! After thinking it over, I think I quite like the idea of keeping it all separate. That way it’s not splashed all over the blog if people are not interested. So I’ll just have a link in the sidebar and mention what’s going on over there every now and then…. I’ll send a link! :):):)

      1. Cool – I’ve seen one or two people doing this and it makes sense. For example, Elaine does it now on her Living Lightly in Ireland blog

  2. Whatever it’s going to be. It’s still a pleasure to read you. I pratice my english but also my reflection on “slow life” ! thanks for that.

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