Things in the post

Things in the post.

The post thumped through the letterbox with a satisfying clunk this morning, which meant there was something intriguing and unexpected in there. I love the little thrill of anticipation when post arrives and you don’t know (or can’t remember) what it is. Last week a lovely book turned up that I’d treated myself to when my student loan arrived, and subsequently forgotten about, making it even more lovely when it plopped through the letterbox.

Today’s satisfying clunk turned out to be date slice, sent in the post by my mum, and currently being consumed with relish as I type this, alongside a nice pour-over coffee. As far as post goes, I think I rate unexpected baking as a solid 10/10, alongside real letters and beautiful forgotten-about books.

Lockdown has increased the amount we are using the post here. Instead of saving items up until meeting a friend or family member, the postbox is once again becoming our friend. I remember the post being way more exciting as a child – I got less post, but at least it wasn’t junk mail or bills. It was always something good. Post is another way of connecting, communicating, during lockdown. I’m glad it’s starting to get a little more exciting again. I’m clicking-and-dropping lots of things, sending books and letters. The anticipation of the post makes it better, I feel.

I like that there is a delay in between buying something online and it arriving at the door. It gives me plenty of time to forget that I ever ordered it, meaning that the surprise is extra delightful when it actually turns up. However, I don’t really order a lot, but there is always the even-more-wonderful experience of receiving a letter from a friend – or, a slab of date slice from your mum.

I hope the resurgence in post continues after the lockdown ends (eventually). There’s something comforting about it, the stoic reliability of Royal Mail, the knowledge that we can keep in touch in another way that isn’t sold to Facebook, or fed into some sort of algorithm. It’s more personal. During the lockdown, the post has kept going, employees and key workers keeping the country in touch with one another. I’m so grateful to them.

So now I’m off to write a letter, a real life one, and pop it in the post box.

And probably eat some more date slice.



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