Hello, October

Hello, October 

A little October update 🙂

Well, suddenly it’s October. Another new month in this slightly dystopian world, and the sun is shining, the builders in the house in front are having a loud discussion about eggy bread, and autumn is in the air. So it’s not so bad, all things considered. If you ignore the whole pandemic thing, I suppose.

Lockdown has been a game-changer – I’ve really struggled finding some sort of balance, and it just really knocked me for six. But autumn seems to be a time for letting go, and via a series of small meltdowns, I seem to be feeling more frequently ‘mostly ok’.


I talked about imposter syndrome a few posts ago (maybe 2 posts? Time has no meaning any more) and ended up finding this fab downloadable poster from Dr Zoë Ayres on Twitter, which I promptly printed out and stuck on the wall. It’s a nice ego-massage when things are feeling a bit, well, shit, even though I couldn’t actually think of my top 5 skills or anything I was really proud of, without a lot of self-cajoling (does ‘bullshitting’ count as a skill?). But it’s here, next to me as I write, and I glance at it every now and then and think ‘wow, I have actually achieved something in the last 37 years’. She has a lot of fab metal health posters on her website too, all free to download and distribute – some are academic but really relevant for a lot of other situations too!


Apart from that, I’ve been on a few walks, enjoying the autumn light and that wistful beginning-of-autumn smell on the breeze. Solstice has been and gone and we’re in the dark half of the year again. Usually I’m sad about the end of summer, but to be honest, there’s not much else to be doing aside from hunkering down right now, so I’m more peaceful about it this year. I’m sure we’ll look back on this in a few years as a short inconvenience of a year or so, but right now it feels endless.

Social Media (again) 

I’m still on the ‘attempting to delete social media’ train – my Instagram has gone, and I deleted Facebook but got hooked by the 30-days-until-your-account-is-deleted shtick and logged back in, which reactivated it. Although I’ve deleted it again now so fingers crossed I’ll last the full 30 days this time. I decided to keep a twitter account for uni, and was fully going to delete the OES one, however it’s quite a nice space to be in as I’ve blocked basically every word in the English language and only follow a few people. So it might stay for a little longer. Is that an excuse? Probably… Maybe I need a pic of Jaron Lanier by my computer instead to silently judge me every time I go on it.

Well, that’s all I’ve really been doing recently! I’m currently attempting to find a shred of self-belief to start getting the first blog newsletter written and sent out. I’m sure it’ll appear sometime soon. Hopefully! How long can you say ‘coming soon’ for…?

Sal x

Other small things I’ve been up to:

I treated myself to 2 new candles to go with the season from Maple Fox Candles on Etsy.

I picked rosehips from the garden (wrestling the rose bush was not the most thing I’ve ever done, to be honest) and am going to attempt to make this rosehip syrup very soon.

I’ve been very much enjoying Yogi Tea’s Choco teabags – sweet and spicy and rather nice for an evening with a book in front of the fire.

The Guardian’s Long Reads series is a perpetual favourite – a more in depth look at the news.

And talking of news, my favourite Positive News mag popped through the door this month, bringing a ray of light to the strangest of times.


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