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Away from the News

Away from the News. 

Away from the news, a soft breeze brings a hint of coolness through green leaves.
Waves lap up a pebbled shore, constant, rhythmical.
A ray of sunlight falls on morning dew.

Away from the news, laughter echoes from gardens as people gather in friendship.
Young birds learn to fly, and feed, and hop from branch to branch.
A spider spins a web between two flowers.

Away from the news, rain falls, puddling, glittering.
A herd settles down for the night, as hot days cool and stars appear one by one.
A snowflake lands, perfect, on layers of fur.

Away from the news, a single soul walks a coastal path, like thousands before them.
Someone lies on their back and looks into the sky, clouds above, blue and white and grey.
A person pushes out a fishing boat into warm water, nets and pots piled high.

Away from the news, a neighbour brings home cooked food to another.
Two people smile at each other in the street.
Hands are held for the first time.

Away from the news, a seed falls silently to the ground in a humid, tropical forest.
A whale surfaces, breathes, and vanishes below inky waves.
A comet passes by a small planet, shining blue and green in the darkness.



2 thoughts on “Away from the News

  1. That was so gentle and lovely and a good reminder. Subsequent post on ‘ups and downs’ a bit sadder – but it’s good to feel kinship – not every day is great. Some days you can remember the herd settling down for the night and the comet. And some days it just seems like there’s no plausible future. I can’t relate to the endlessly upbeat…..

    1. Thank you Lisa 🙂 Yes, good days and sadder days and all of those in between. And trying to remember the world beyond the immediate. Yes, I’m the same. Endlessly upbeat isn’t real (for me anyway!) and I’m trying to be open about that!
      Sal x

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