Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

Morning Afternoon Brew, 6.1.2020

It’s actually the afternoon as I sit and sip scalding hot aeropress coffee and munch through a few lebkuchen left over from Christmas. The wind is blustering through bare trees outside, with rain coming in waves – battering the windows then retreating as clouds scud across wild skies.

I managed to get out for a walk this morning – up the hill and along, a route I’ve not walked in a few years. I used to run it regularly, but have avoided it for a while now, memories and all that. I made peace with change this morning, looking out at the familiar views as my feet trod my own ghost path and made it real once more.

I feel a settling, that coming together after a decision, a rest for the mind after weeks of whirling. I’m glad for the last decade, and excited to head into 2020 somewhat freshened. Blog-wise, I am hoping to return to regular posts – I’m currently working through the older section (currently in 2015!) freshening up photos and spring cleaning, and noticing the multiple posts per month. Hopefully I’ll get back to some regularity soon. That’s the plan, anyway!

Regarding content, I have been wanting to expand the blog for some time now. I’ve always put it off, comparing myself to other bloggers, failing to find that final motivation to just write and be done with it. It seems to be coming now, though. I’ve wanted to include more about my slow life, simplicity, my home, my hobbies, and the years after the initial ‘minimalist‘ phase. I want to talk about things that are important to me, share things I love, projects I’m doing, and the natural world around my home. Finally, I’m diving into it all. I’m refreshing social media and hopefully everything will sort of link in and make sense. Fingers crossed!

I think for so long that I’ve been plagued by imposter syndrome, thinking that my blog was only small (which is true!) but that therefore it wasn’t worth anything. I was intimidated by other bloggers and sort of fell out of love with blogging. Going through a shaky few years, I realised that writing was actually very cathartic. I slowly began to love my blog again. Now, I’m actually excited to share more, try new projects and see where it takes me! Although that may be the caffeine.

So there’ll be some new bits and bobs up over the next few months. I hope you like it šŸ™‚

Sal x




4 thoughts on “Morning Brew, 6.1.2020

  1. Iā€™m not sure exactly when I stumbled across your blog, but I do know that I instantly felt a connection. I empathize with much of what you write, and always feel good after I read a post of yours. Iā€™m so happy to hear you want to expand your corner of the internet ā€” you are a thoughtful, and honest writer ā€” the world needs your voice! Thank you, and much love to you in this new year.

    1. That means so much to me Kerri, thank you šŸ™‚ I’m hoping it’s just going to be mostly the same, but, just, ‘more’… if that makes sense?! But still a nice quiet little corner of internet, of course. Love to you for the new year, also šŸ™‚
      Sal x

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