Morning Brew 12.11.2019

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More thoughts on social media 

Good morning! I’m wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea this chilly November morning. I’ve a few free days, and am toying with the idea of having an intense freshen-up of my social media. I’m not sure what has spurred me on, but after closing accounts on the sites I haven’t used for ages, I’d quite like to unify the ones that I do actually use.

I got rid of Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium…. maintaining so many accounts was tiring, and I found myself scattered between them all. I wanted to focus just on the blog, with a few social accounts to share a little more. I found auto-posting meant I never checked in on some of them, but when Medium deleted its autopost widget it became a chore to upload my blog posts there, too. And Pinterest? The sheer amount of adverts put me off months ago, and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I deleted my blog account and my personal account there, too.

So that leaves me with FB, Twitter and Instagram. I’ve not posted on any for a while. My posts share automatically, but I’ve avoided these platforms in person as I’ve felt, well, lost. I’ve lost my direction with social media and haven’t had any motivation to post at all. Instead I’ve been enjoying writing actual blog posts a lot more!

I’ve been on a journey with the blog this year. I walked away from it for a while, which was enough to get my motivation back! I decided to be more open about what I wrote about and I moved on from writing about minimalism. However, in leaving that subject behind, I am a little lost in where to focus my attention. I want the blog to be a reflection of my life, a space where I can bring my thoughts. Maybe it is an accurate reflection at the moment, in that I’m not too sure where I’m going next! So much of the last year or so has been about recovery. Now it’s time to make decisions and start to move forward.

I’ve realised that even though I want my blog to become more than it is, I’ve not put any work into that at all – afflicted by that old friend imposter syndrome, afraid of taking the next step and actually acting like a blogger, actually putting more work in than the odd sporadic post. My social media doesn’t reflect my blog at all – my Instagram is full of lovely places where I walk, but nothing to do with One Empty Shelf. I pop into Facebook now and again, but there’s not much there apart from my auto-shared posts. Which I only share once. Same goes for Twitter – I’ve become slightly scared of the platform. My blocked word list is longer than my arm and I still find negativity everywhere. It’s made me withdraw, where I used to love Twitter. So, it’s the silence of the single auto-post there, too. I imagine a tumbleweed blowing past, rolling through all my social media accounts!

So yes, maybe it would be a good use of my time to have a look into where I’m going with this whole blogging thing. I want to find my message, again. Now it’s no longer just minimalism, who am I now? What do I want to talk about?

I’ve finished my tea and to be honest, I’m going to have another brew. All this thinking calls for more caffeine! Hope you’re having a lovely morning, and if you have any input on what you’d like to see on OES social media, I’d love to hear!

Sal x

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3 thoughts on “Morning Brew 12.11.2019

  1. Hi Sal.
    I came off Facebook a couple of years ago and have never looked back. It was just before all the fuss about privacy kicked off but that isn’t why I came off it although always thought it was toxic.
    I was sick of me on it and the odd compulsive feeling that I needed to check in everywhere I went. It struck me in the end that who the hell cares if Dave is going for a pint again.
    I just stick with Instagram occasionally where it seems to me that it’s more about the pic than where you are or what you’re opinion is so for the time being I’ll stick to just that. And there are people on there who are genuinely interesting.
    I used to love your minimalism posts by the way and you were one of the bloggers who got me interested in it. So thanks for that.

  2. Dave, this has given me food for thought! I actually came off FB and Twitter this summer and to be honest it felt great. Your comment has made me wonder about the reason I’m actually thinking of focusing on these again! And realising maybe it’s better to just have one thing that’s enjoyable rather than a few that are a chore.

    Thank you for your comment about the minimalism posts too. It means a lot – recently I’ve felt that I’d said whatever I could about minimalism – it’s a big part of my life still but I didn’t want to repeat myself in posts. I’m really glad you enjoyed what I wrote 🙂

    And thank you for making me think!

    Sal 🙂

  3. As you know, I’d struggled with anxiety using these in the past. I’ve only ever had FB 3 times for 2 months before deleting it (the last time somewhere in 2015) – it was too immense and relentless. I used Instagram for a couple of years from 2016 and had originally used Twitter from May 2011, deleting it and returning a year later, though still not really enjoying it. I ran Twitter and Instagram until Spring last year when I deleted both and took a year away. After a month the urge to check them was gone and I didn’t miss them at all (probably because close friends/family rely on text, writing letters, email or meeting in person). I have subscriptions to Positive News and National Geographic and was still reading those or people were telling me about news or developments they’d heard, so I learnt through conversation with others (which is more fun).

    The year off really helped lose the anxiety over them. I’ve got Instagram and Twitter back this year, still public profiles because I run small community groups and write books, so I like to keep it open and simple; sharing things on Twitter that fascinate me (usually environment/science and hobby related. It’s more about enjoyment and lighthearted – how I wanted to use them – the beauty is I can use them without anxiety and step away for weeks without worrying I’m missing out. I don’t care if things aren’t liked or read that much. It’s worthwhile using them if you can enjoy them without them affecting you negatively and I like only having 2 platforms. Great post – would be interested to know what you choose going forward 🙂

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