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Meet the cacti part 4: Introducing Benjamin

This little heap of prickles is Benjamin. He arrived as a present, a tiny, tiny little sphere covered in glassy spikes of rage. Benjamin lived in a tiny little pot, which was fine, as he was a tiny little cactus. He has a long name for such a little prickle.

When Benjamin was small he was very rotund indeed, the sort of ball of

green you can’t help but bring home and love forever. He stayed as a spiky little sphere for a few months, then summer came along and he expanded out into it.

Benjamin is sort of an oval of spikes nowadays. He has a new pot which is still rather small, but he seems to be determined to outgrow it as soon as possible. Maybe it’s because his friends James and Theodore are rather lofty and he feels a little left out. You can do it, Benjamin!



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