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Meet the cacti part 3: Introducing Theodore

This is Theodore. He is a tall lil dude, with many prickly fingers. He might be a succulent, but he’s never told me so I don’t like to ask.

Theodore came into my life from my mum, who had been given him as a present. He was rather dehydrated, and lived in a very tall glass jar, which was rather difficult to get him out of. I brought him home and felt the time was right for him to feel the breeze on his teeny little spikes, so set about trying to extract him from said jar with the aid of a thick pair of gardening gloves.

It was at this time I discovered the worst thing ever – they had glued Theodore to the bottom of the jar! It made me cry. Little prickly bean. I became more determined to save him. Luckily, a long spoon came to the rescue and finally Theodore could stretch his roots.

Theodore moved into a small pot of his own, with some nice sandy mud and stones to wrap his roots around and his name written on the side. He drank small amounts of water and luxuriated in as much sun as could reach his prickles through the window. His wrinkles disappeared at a rate Olay can only dream of. He moved in next to James (who knows a bit about being wrinkly) and the newest addition to the cacti family, baby Benjamin. They all sit on a warm windowsill leaning slightly towards the sun every now and again.

This summer Theodore grew a huge finger of joy! I think he has finally realised he doesn’t live in a thin jar any more and is stretching out in full glory into the world. Hooray for Theodore!


Benjamin coming soon!

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