Morning Brew, 9th September 2019

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Today’s morning brew is a steamy mug of tea, cupped in cold hands as the rain creeps down the valley and silently begins to fall. I feel a little smug as I managed to drag myself out of bed to get the washing in whilst it was still dry, so we’re winning at the day already and it’s only 8am.

Today is first session of Pilates day, so I’m trying terribly to distract myself by overthinking the traffic situation, the parking situation, the non-fitting-of-leggings situation, the being-social situation, and so and so on. So goes a day in my mind. I much prefer to do ‘things’ in the morning, meaning I can just get up and go and do them with the minimum of overthinking. ‘Things’ in the afternoon and evening tend to cause all sorts of imaginary problems where I just sit and overthink them all day and then end up not goinmorning brewg. But the anticipation is always worse. I just need to flip it into excitement, I think. But how, but how?

I just realised I managed to get the washing in when I wrote last week’s morning brew, too. There may be a theme emerging, although which one is cause and which is effect? Either? Neither? I need more caffeine, I think.

How is the morning where you are? I like to imagine different mornings all over the world – different sunrises, different temperatures, different routines. Cities, towns, villages, wild open spaces. Slow or fast, loud or quiet. Is there tea? Have you got the washing in (or out)?

Since September landed, autumn is making itself known, rushing in on the back of the vestiges of summer. The yellowing of leaves is noticeable, fruit is ripening, the blackberries are almost over here. A chill in the air that arrived suddenly last week and never went away. I’ve been autumn cleaning – just clearing out a little, nesting, readying for the hibernation of winter. Making biscuits. Cold weather stuff.

The cat has arrived, soaking wet and very friendly, of course. She says meow and offers you the opportunity of a soggy head scratch.

I’ll leave it there, for today. Another morning brew soon 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Morning Brew, 9th September 2019

  1. I greatly enjoy the way you write it’s very unique and different from all the other blogs that I read. I am waking up in Rochester New York in a bit of a hurry as I am a school teacher getting three kids and myself out the door by 7 a.m. I wish I could linger over coffee or tea but there never is enough time. Today I awoke it was 48 degrees and now this afternoon it is 70 and very sunny. Autumn in New York.

  2. Thank you Joanna 🙂 It sounds a busy morning where you are over in Rochester! Autumn is fast approaching here, too… Colder mornings but still the lingering sunshine, although not as hot as previous weeks. Leaves are beginning to turn as everything starts to settle and slow. It’s lovely to hear about your morning!

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