Morning Brew, 21.9.2019

Brew #3.

I woke before the alarm today, something that happens very very rarely in my life! I spent an hour snuggled in the duvet, slowly coming round and being sat on by the cat. She found a comfy spot between my arm and head somehow, and proceeded to curl into a purring circle. So obviously I couldn’t move for a while…

Today’s brew is a nice pour over, no milk, in my big mug that I originally got for my shed. It’s massive so has worked it’s way indoors as it seems to hold the perfect amount of coffee, i.e. loads. How is your morning today? What is it like where you are? What thoughts are running around your head?

No thoughts of washing today 😉 instead I’m thinking of the downhill run to winter. I like to take stock of everything around the end of October, looking back on the year and planning for next year. This year has been a solid one, I feel, in comparison to the somewhat shaky one before. Settled, learning more about myself, where I want to go. Discarding a few things, holding on to a few others.

October as a year-end is nice in a few ways. Ideas have a bit of germination time, during the darker winter months, to mellow and settle. It’s a chance to work slowly, instead of the rush of January where everybody seems to be promising the world. A few months of silence and stillness after October. A time to rest, recuperate, take stock. Then nurture those seeds out into the lighter months as the new calendar year takes over.

As October approaches, I’ll look at everything that’s happened over the year. Not in detail, but ebbs and flows, pulls and pushes. Things that I’ve learned, things I want to take with me, things I want to let go.

I never look forward to shorter days, but having some sort of vague plan in my mind reminds me that soon it’ll be light again. Some themes for the year.

Time to carry on with the day – I’ll see you for a brew again soon 🙂

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