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1 book, 3 points! The Flower Girls Paperback Edition

1 book, 3 points! The Flower Girls Paperback Edition

Last autumn, I reviewed The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts as part of my ‘3 books, 3 points’ series, and loved it! Today (5/9/2019) is the release date for the paperback version of the book, with a new cover design, and as such, publishers Raven Books asked if I could re-publish my review to celebrate! So without further ado, here it is… definitely recommended :):)

the flower girls sept

The Flower Girls, by Alice Clark-Platts** (Published in hardback 24th Jan 2019; paperback 5th September 2019)

-The Flower Girls tells the story of sisters Laurel and Primrose (Rosie), who hit headlines in their childhood for a chilling reason – one was convicted of murder, whilst the other was too young to stand trial, deemed innocent and given a new identity. Years later, we meet Rosie in her new identity as Hazel. On holiday when a young girl disappears, Hazel finds the events of the past beginning to haunt her once more.

-This book is full of twists and turns. The characters are vividly painted, but still leave you questioning your view of them. As each person developed I found myself thrown from rooting for particular characters to disliking them, to being shocked, saddened, and everything in between. Although there are one or two red herrings thrown into the mix, the overall story really involved me emotionally. Although I had an inkling of how the story would turn out, I never saw the whole thing and I was reeling by the end. A story that sucked me in with twists and turns and made me hunger for a sequel.

-The Flower Girls raises many questions around a highly emotive subject. We can see similarities to real life events, such as the murder of Jamie Bulger, and how cases are dealt with in the press for both the victim, the offender, and their families. The flashbacks, slowly uncovering the events of the young girls at the time of the murder, raised issues of influence, mental illness, family dynamics and age restrictions of trials, as well as rehabilitation, incarceration and the long-term, devastating impact the death of a young child has on the victim’s family and friends. An important book.

You can find Alice Clark-Platts on Twitter @aclarkplatts and find out more about her on her website here.

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