Morning Brew, 30th Aug 2019

Brew #1. 

Today’s morning brew is Yorkshire Tea, in my favourite space mug, with slightly too much milk.

I thought I’d start a new little series of sporadic morning ‘tea and thoughts’. I quite like sitting and pondering with a cup of something caffeinated, so thought I’d share on the blog. Please feel free to join me with a cuppa and let me know what you’re pondering, too 🙂

It’s windy today – I’m sat, still in a duvet, next to my salt lamp. Lying against pillows, watching treetops bend and sway outside. I’ve already popped out to bring the washing in before the dark cloud lurking over the hills decides to wend it’s way down the valley. I feel rather productive, even though it’s only one thing. And making my tea, of course. The wind is warm, sweet – that end-of-summer smell, tinged with a little sadness and the tiniest hint of winter.

The house is becoming claustrophobic, with the building site in full swing and close neighbours shouting over the gusts. I’ve had a slow week, pottering, cleaning, sitting, but doing nothing of note and not much movement. I feel the need for greenery, a perfect day to walk with trees as they tousle and bend in the wind. That energy of movement is something I could do with this week.

Is it summer, winter, where you are? I sit and daydream of cold weather thawing its way towards spring on the other side of the world. The climb out of darkness, whereas here the nights are noticeably shorter, the leaves duller and tinged yellow. Trees are tiring and birds are regaining their plumage after a busy summer raising young. The feeders are busier as nature’s clock ticks its way towards winter and hibernation. September is just around the corner and I feel it now too. Slow changes, but relentless – hiding from our human view, at first, but becoming stronger and more noticeable by the day.

I take a last gulp of tea and stretch my arms above my head. Time to get on with the day.

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