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I am back. In the two months since deciding to leave the blog behind, I’ve made some realisations. Not least that I quite like writing my blog, really, and I was really going to miss it if I left it behind. So I’m here, back at the keyboard, feeling that at least in my world, I can reverse a bad decision after some contemplation…!

Amongst a few other things, I realised that I am done with my old content from a few years ago. Minimalism was great – a tool to help me clear out what didn’t matter, and begin to focus on what did. But that’s just it. I’ve got what I wanted from it, and it’s time to move on. So over the next few months I’m going to archive the whole minimalism section of One Empty Shelf. Still accessible for those that want it, just hidden away from the main focus of the blog. Which brings me on to the future.

I find solace writing about things that are on my mind, but I never wrote about things that were really on my mind. I didn’t share opinions, in fear of someone disagreeing, and I found it hard to talk about things that are important to me, because of the whole ‘keyboard warrior’ culture of some parts of the internet. But, in real life, I find that listening to, and being curious about other’s opinions keeps us sane. Life isn’t an echo chamber where everybody thinks the same. It’s hard, online, in a world of algorithms and safety, to find a viewpoint that challenges us.

As an example, here in the UK, Brexit seems to have split the country down the middle – but in real life, many of my friends voted the opposite way to me, for reasons that didn’t resemble in any way the reactionary views of the loudest voices online. I’m interested to learn, and have that discussion. Is it possible to create a small place on the internet where I can let my thoughts and opinions be joined, challenged or reinforced by others? Can we learn in a curious, supportive, respectful way?

This isn’t to say that I’m turning One Empty Shelf into some sort of news-feeding monster. In fact, I’d like to keep away from ‘news’ as much as possible. It’ll still be a small corner of the internet where cups of tea rule over drama ‘tea’, where slow living bumbles along in place of fast and shiny. I’d just like to write things from a more open, honest place.

So, in weeks and months to come, the blog will slowly begin to crank back into life. I’d like to fill its pages with books and walks, words and thoughts. I’m not sure why blogging is my thing. Why do I feel at home sharing parts of myself on the internet? I’m really not sure – but it feels right to dust the cobwebs off One Empty Shelf now, even if just to do my bit in starting a conversation.

Please – bring a cup of tea and join me. I’d love to see you around 🙂




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